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AP 140

A Golden treasure from Fr. George Plathottam: Syriac chants from the Office .

AP 140A

Text and Melody of Ermarmmak (Fr. George Plathottam)

AP 140B Chanting style of Slotha (Fr. George Plathottam)

AP 140C Melody of Qambel Maran (Fr. George Plathottam)

AP 140D Psalms (Fr. George Plathottam) from the Office for the dead

AP 140E Chanting style of Slotha (oration) in Syriac

AP 140F Puqdankon (requiem melody)

AP 140G Slotha (oration). Fr. George Plathottam

AP 140H Huthama (Concluding prayers) from Requiem Qurbana. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140I Nrupanaam Misiha. From the funeral service. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140J Walsala Janame. From funeral service for priests. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140K Unnatha Wanitame. Funeral service. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140L "Mruthiyute nadam." Funeral service for priests. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140M Anthimayaathra' funeral services for priests. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140N Witawangunnen." Funeral services for priests. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140O "Witawangunnen naswaramulakil." funeral precession. Fr. Plathottam

AP 140P "Anayunniso." Funeral services. Syro Malabar. Fr. George Plathottam

AP 140Q "Parishudhanmar." Funeral services. Fr. George Plathottam

AP 140R "Nadhananjitumanthima Nalil." Funeral services. Fr. Plathottam

AP 139

Pappootty Master and Bennedy Anikkad: rare melodies and memories - Part II

AP 138 Pappootty Master and Benedy Anikkad: Rare melodies and memories- Part I

AP 137

Syriac chants during the wedding at Dallas, USA: Denny & Neena

AP 137A

Bilingual Holy, Holy, Holy (Malayalam/Syriac), Dallas, USA

Jesus and The Americas : A connection through The Aramaic Language and music. See note on Aramaic Project-137.

AP 136

Bilingual Qurbana at Ukranian Cathedral, London

AP 136A

Syriac chants at the Ukranian Catholic Cathedral, London

AP 135

Bilingual Qurbana in New Jersey, USA

AP 134

Sagdinan mar" in Toronto, Canada

AP 133

Syriac chants at Carmel Hill Monastery (OCD), Trivandrum

AP 132

Syriac chants from bilingual Qurbana at Jubilee mass

Bilingual Syro Malabar Qurbana (English/Syriac) at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, Maspeth, New York. On the occasion of the celebration of 40th anniversary of Ordination of Fr. Joseph Palackal, CMI. 28 April 2019.

AP 132A

Puqdankon during bilingual Qurbana at St. Stans, New York

AP 132B

Qandiśā Alāhā during bilingual Qurbana at St. Stans, New York

AP 131

Fr George Vithayathil sings "Witawangunnen" from funeral service for priests