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AP 160

Pre-screening lecture at Quebec University, Montreal, Canada

Legacies and Prospects - The Past and Futures in music Pre-screening lecture By Dr. Joseph J. Palackal

AP 159

Three -year old Hansel Joseph sings Syriac chants

AP 158

Mar Walah ("My Lord and my God") for Sunday School children.

AP 158a

St. Thomas Chant: "Mar(y) Walah(y)": "My Lord and my God" for Puthu Njayar

AP 157

Fr. George Nellikkatt: Solemn Qurbana in Syriac

AP 156

Fr Cyril Thayyil: Solemn Qurbana in Syriac at Kuravilangad

AP 155

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt. Solemn Qurbana in Syriac. Elanji

AP 155A

Fr. Cyril Thayyil sings "O Desdamman," Turgama before Epistle

AP 155B

Fr. Cyril Thayyil. "Oh damahaimaneen," Turgama for Evangelion

AP 154

Fr Cyril Thayyil: A Promise to the future of Syriac chants in India

AP 153 Bilingual Qurbana at Sacred Heart Church, Glendale, New York

AP 152

Dr. Joseph J. Palackal's lecture at Syro Malabar Convention 2019

AP 151

Francesca Pulicken in attendance at the practice session for bilingual Qurbana