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Aramaic Project Number Description Video Link
AP 318/VII-09 PASSOVER HAGGADAH The Story of the Exodus at the Passover Table

AP 307/VII-08 'YOM SIMAHA LE ISRAEL' Hebrew Song of Cochin Jews by Jacob Cohen

AP 306/VII-07 Hebrew song of Cochin Jews in Kerala: in the voice of Jacob Cohen

AP 305/VII-06 Wedding song of Cochin Jews. Voice of Jacob Cohen.

AP 297/VII-05 Morning Prayer. Jewish songs of Kerala (1996). Sarah and Jacob Cohen

AP 296/VII-04 "Prayer to God'" Hebrew song by Sarah Cohen. Intro by Jacob Cohen

AP 295/VII-03 'Adon Alom' Hebrew Song by Sara Cohen. Introduction by Jacob Cohen

AP 293/VII-02 Hebrew Song Praise to the Lord by Sara Cohen

AP 292/VII-01 Hebrew songs of the Cochin Jews. sung by Sarah and Jacob Cohen